New electronic logbook for fishermen introduced

CHANDLER, QUEBEC: A new electronic logbook is now available to fishermen.

The Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du sud de la Gaspésie (RPPSG) launched JOBEL, a new electronic logbook for commercial fishing.

JOBEL is the initiative of professional fishermen who wanted a flexible, affordable and scalable solution. This software was developed to work with the personal electronic devices that the fishermen already have, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer.

JOBEL replaces traditional paper logbooks by offering a more practical, ecological solution, while remaining cost-effective. The $65 subscription fees for commercial modules is fully reinvested in technical support, training for fishermen and software maintenance.

Quebec lobster fisherman Samual Roussy told The Reporter that the new system is more convenient and less complicated.

“With paper you have to write down all your personal information… then at the end of the week compile all your papers and send it away,” Roussy said. “It’s less work.”

For the launch, JOBEL is offered with modules for lobster, commercial herring, snow crab, and bait (herring, mackerel, capelin) and will evolve to meet the needs of commercial fisheries.

JOBEL was developed following the new measures taken by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) concerning the reporting of fish catches using electronic logbooks (ELOGS) in Canada.

The RPPSG worked for more than two years developing JOBEL. Their efforts were successful, as the software is the first solution qualified by the DFO and is currently the only one that meets DFO standards.

It takes only a few clicks for fishermen to enter their capture data into JOBEL using their electronic device before sending it to the DFO. No Internet connection is required at sea or at the wharf. Users simply complete and close their trip before landing; then, once an Internet connection is available (Wi-Fi or cellular), they can transfer the data to DFO.

Starting in 2018, reporting can be done via JOBEL for some 2,000 fishing licences on the Atlantic coast. In 2019, the DFO will extend the implementation of ELOGs to most commercial fisheries throughout the country. The mandatory use of electronic logbooks will concern several fisheries, including lobster, commercial herring, snow crab, mackerel and other groundfish.

To support fishermen and help them learn to use their ELOG, the RPPSG offers technical support and free assistance. The RPPSG can also organize workshops upon request for fishermen in their region.

Moreover, JOBEL is available with all its functionalities in a free trial version to help fishermen become familiar with the tool.

For more information about JOBEL, visit the Web site at: or contact Claire Canet at 1-418- 689-6594 or 1-800-689-5623, or by e-mail at: