New group launches Coastal Market

ST. PETER’S: A new non-profit organization in Richmond County is working toward self-sufficiency by starting a summer artisan market in St. Peter’s starting Sunday, July 2.

The Coastal Arts and Culture Guild became a registered society on May 12. Community organizers, artists and other creative people in the area met early in the year to develop ideas around the mission of supporting arts and culture in Richmond County.

The Coastal Market, which will be located in a vacant building along Grenville Street as travellers enter St. Peter’s from the west, is currently the organization’s flagship project. It will focus mainly on high-end artisan crafts but will offer farmer’s market food items, as well as entertainment.

“One of our early priorities was to find a physical location where our members could meet up and collaborate. While this market serves our artisan members, it also provides that supportive community space for everyone,” said board president Dawn Ostrem. “This is a great start for us so early on and benefits the entire community and region.”

The Coastal Arts and Culture Guild is developing a business plan under a social enterprise model, making the market a good opportunity to support members while earning income through vendor fees. Money earned will go back into the Coastal Arts and Culture Guild to support other projects and programming for members.

Christine Oakley, director of membership for the organization, will lead the management of the Coastal Market. She is no stranger to the scene as manager of the Port Hawkesbury Area Community Market in 2014-2015.

“We have an amazing amount of hidden talent on this part of the island. We expect to see a mix of veteran vendors, as well as some very talented newcomers, including members of our junior vendor program for those under the age of 16,” she said. “This is a great way to support all types of members and our local economy.”

Provincial government traffic statistics show approximately 5,000 vehicles pass through St. Peter’s daily making it an ideal location for the market.

The first Coastal Market will take place on July 2 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and continue every Sunday throughout the summer.

For more information, including vendor and member applications, please go to: