DUNDEE: On June 1, the Dundee Resort and Golf Club’s long-time owner Scott MacAulay passed the keys to new owner, Sonny Grewal.

“We have been looking for an opportunity such as this for some time and thought Dundee would be the perfect fit,” says Grewal, who has recently relocated from Texas and has dual citizenship.

He and his business partner Sumer (also his brother) are excited to take over. Long-time staff and management at the resort are equally as excited.

“Although we will miss Scott [MacAulay], he was the only owner many of us knew. We look forward and are excited for our property, that as staff, we care for so much,” says Debra Choisnet, front desk manager.

“This is a busy time of year for us, just opening for the season. This adds to our 2017 season excitement. It’s expected to be a great year in the tourism industry, with the promotion of Canada 150. The new ownership and his many plans for improvements could not have come at a better time,” says Judy McNamara, Dundee Resort operations manager.

As the demand for Cape Breton accommodations continue to grow, Dundee Resort and Golf Club has a renewed focused on becoming a true destination resort.

Grewal has great plans for the property and construction work has already begun.

“We are positioning ourselves to provide a comprehensive vacation experience for guests. This means upgrades to the resort and golf course overall, as well as providing complimentary recreation activities for guests of all ages, delicious food and weekend entertainment,” says Grewal.

An investment in the Dundee Resort and Golf Club is an investment in the future of the Strait area as a tourism destination and Grewal plans to make Dundee a seasonal home and is excited to meet members of the community.