STRAIT AREA: Nova Scotia Power (NSP) is installing new towers across the Strait of Canso for a new transmission line.

“There is an existing line that is there and it will remain there,” said Tiffany Chase, a communications advisor with NSP. “We’ll be constructing six new towers to create this line.”

Chase said NSP has two reasons for completing the project.

“One is to allow us to provide a backup electricity source between Cape Breton and the mainland,” she said. “If there was an outage on the existing line, we can re-route customers onto the new line and restore power that much more quickly. But also, the extra capacity that we’ll gain through the new line will accommodate the Maritime Link energy that’s going to become available in 2020.”

A release from NSP stated the new crossing will be 45 metres south of the existing crossing and will separate the two existing sets of lines onto two separate circuits, with three towers on each side of the Strait, and three lines on each of the towers. The release also states the existing crossing will remain in use and NSP will move navigation lights from the old crossing to the new, taller towers.

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This is one of the new towers Nova Scotia Power is building for a new link across the Strait of Canso.

The project began in February and NSP expects the line will be completed by December. At the moment, steel is arriving on site for the construction of the towers.

“Initial sections of each of the towers can be installed by crane and then we’ll be using a helicopter to complete the tower construction,” she said. “The towers are going to be the highest towers that we have at 530 feet tall.”