MULGRAVE: Council is now full.

During a special election over the weekend, Mulgrave voters selected Tanya Snow and Bob Russell as their new town councilors. Snow received 150 votes while Russell received 146. Candidate Michael Shaw received 103 votes, not enough to gain a seat on town council.

Russell said he looks forward to representing the town.

“I think the first thing I need to do is be able to attend a couple of meetings and see exactly how things are being run,” said Russell.

Russell previously said he decided to run after speaking with other residents of the town.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of big, big time budgets working in the oil field for 40 years,” he said.

“I’m hoping that I can help point us in the right direction.”

Interim CAO Kevin Matheson said Monday’s regular council meeting would not see the new councilors sworn-in as it was too early.

Snow said it feels great to be the top vote-getter from Mulgrave residents. On the top of her list of items to deal with is the town’s water treatment plant, which is still not fully operational.

“It will be nice to look at the plan they have for that and to see if it can be improved or expedited,” said Snow.

“I know town residents are just kind of in a lull. We lost our bank, and we lost our store, and the school is on the chopping block, and the seven-year difficulty we had with the water treatment plant. The morale in town is at an extreme low, I do believe.”

Snow thanked everyone who came out to vote and added she looks forward to serving the people of the town.

On April 18, former Mulgrave Deputy Mayor Evangeline Breen offered formal notice of her intent to resign her position on council, citing personal reasons. Breen’s leaving opened up a second spot on council, with the first being left vacant after only three people ran in the October municipal election, rather than the four needed for a full town council.