ANTIGONISH: An aged building is coming down to make way for a new facility at a local university.

StFX’s former Nicholson Hall is being removed from the campus in order to facilitate the construction of the school’s future Brian Mulroney Institute for Government. Site excavation and underground services for the new hall will follow the demotion, which is set for the next two or three weeks.

Cindy MacKenzie, media relations manager with the university, stated StFX set up temporary classrooms throughout the university and four temporary classrooms will also be located in St. Ninian’s Hall during the construction.

“The project is on time and on budget,” stated Mackenzie via email, noting the Mulroney Hall is set to open in the spring of 2019. The budget for the new hall is $40 million.

Nicholson Hall is approximately 50-years old and was named after Father Dr. Patrick J. Nicholson, past president of StFX from 1944-1945.

Last year, StFX University announced the formation of the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and the construction of the Mulroney Hall. The institute will feature, amongst other programming, a new four-year undergraduate degree in Public Policy and Governance.

Donations from around the world came in to cover the cost of the overall $60 million project, with Mulroney helping to bring in funds. The components will include a $40 million facility in the Mulroney Hall, with remaining $20 million raised going towards an endowment for academic chairs and student scholarships, bursaries, including funds set aside for underrepresented students.