No fracking in Inverness County


INVERNESS: Inverness Municipal Council will not be lobbying the province to lift its ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Council was approached on January 24 by Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts who requested Inverness County stand with his municipal unit in lobbying the province to lift the ban. The province introduced legislation banning the process in late 2014 and Inverness passed its own by-law forbidding fracking in 2013.

On March 5, Inverness Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie announced her municipality would not be siding with Pitts.


“When the letter came forward in correspondence at council, we realized that we’re not the same council that approved the no-fracking by-law and we did have discussion at a policy meeting,” she said.

“Around the table, everybody stood by the no-fracking by-law. We’ll be responding to Warden Pitts to let him know we’re standing by our by-law and not supporting his efforts to have the provincial ban moved.”