MULGRAVE: Town council is not looking to raise taxes.

During last week’s meeting of Mulgrave Town Council, CAO Kevin Matheson presented officials with a draft budget.

Matheson said the draft shows the town is projecting a surplus but noted it is “before final… adjustments so I’m basically just calling it a balanced budget.”

“We anticipate we’ll be able to fine-tune the budget by the day after the long weekend in May,” he said.

“We take the sewer rate, the hydrant rate, and the general tax rate and add them together to come up with a number and we’re keeping that number the same like they have for several years.”

The projected combined residential rate is $1.80 per $100 of assessment and $4.93 and one-third for the commercial rate.

“That’s the direction that I was given so that’s what we’ll come back with,” he said.

Matheson said there are smaller capital projects, as well as a force main, which is a line carrying sewage from the old plant on Mill Street to Venus Cove. This line will sit idle until the town builds a new sewage treatment plant, which could take years, he explained.

“It’s a manageable phase we could do and get 75 per cent grant funding for it so we could do it this year,” he said. “At least [we’ll have] one phase out of the way and funded.”