Notre Dame de l’Assomption cemetery records

    Contributed photo Pictured is the old Bishop’s Palace in Arichat which is currently being used as office space, just below Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church.

    The old cemetery is located on the north side of Route 206, directly across the road from the church. The majority of the early stones and markers are missing and this property is in very rough condition.

    The following is a transcription of all but six of the legible gravestones remaining in the oldest burying ground at Notre Dame de l’Assomption Cemetery. The six not included were to the rear of the property and inaccessible. The early death records of the Notre Dame parish may be of help in identifying other individuals whose gravestones are now missing.

    LeBlanc, Aime A., Dr., born: December 9, 1862, died: March 19, 1919, born at Memramcook, NB

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    LeBlanc, Barb, born: ?, died: February 26, 1875, age 75, wife of Pierre LeBlanc

    LeBlanc, Bregitte, born ?, died: September 2, 1849, age 29, wife of Remi Forest

    LeBlanc, Brigitte, born: ?, died: December 19, 1861, wife of Edward, daughter of Frederic and Harriet Boudrot

    LeBlanc, Jeffrey, born: 1845, died: 1915

    LeBlanc, Pierre, born: 1805, died: 1863

    LeBlanc, Remi, born: ?, died: January 8, 1851, husband of Charlotte LeBlanc

    LeBlanc, William, Rev., born: 1834, died: January 12, 1907, ordained April 22, 1866, celebrated Acadian Genealogist

    Lenoir, James Henry, born: ?, died: April 18, 1849, age 19

    Lenoir, John Patrick, born: ?, died: April 28, 1854, age: 15

    Lenoir, Peter Hudson, Barrister

    Lenoir, Victoria Elizabeth, died: November 25, 1855, age: 23

    Madden, William E., born: July 26, 1871, died: September 7, 1936

    Maranda, John B., died: March 10, 1847, age 47, priest

    Marchand, Desire, died: 1926

    Marchand, Mary Jane, died: 1939

    Marmaud, Francois, died: November 11, 1870

    Martell, Barbe, born: January, 1813, died: October 12, 1903, wife of Pierre LeBlanc

    Martell, Henriette, di

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    Don Boudrot is a retired English teacher, currently an author and historian living on Isle Madame.