HALIFAX: A new seniors facility will receive power from the province’s power supplier.

Last week, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review (UARB) Board announced Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) will provide power to a senior’s care facility being built by the Shannex Group on land located in the Municipality of the County of Antigonish.

The matter arose after the Town of Antigonish, acting on behalf of the town’s electric utility, filed an application to the board to determine which electric provider will supply the facility.

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In a decision on May 16, the board stated it found the facility was within the service territory of NSPI and Nova Scotia Power should provide permanent service.

“The context here is in which electric service territory the Shannex Facility resides. NSPI has both an obligation and a right under the [Public Utilities Act] to serve all of Nova Scotia except for the service territory of the six municipal utilities,” stated the decision.

The Town of Antigonish is one of the six Nova Scotia municipalities

“Antigonish has the obligation and the right to serve the town and vicinity under the 1924 act. The board believes its interpretation best complies with both the [public utilities act] and the 1924 act and provides the most reasonable outcome.

The decision also states it relates solely to the Shannex facility and is not a general determination of the service territory of the Town of Antigonish.