Open house at NSCC Strait Area Campus

Electricians were hard at work during the NSCC open house on October 18 as they installed three-way switches.
Photos by Drake Lowthers
Students visiting the power engineering shop during the open house at the NSCC Strait Area Campus got to see up close how a steam-powered generator works.
One of the major attractions during the open house at the NSCC Strait Area Campus was the marine navigation simulator. Students visiting the nautical institute were able to take in multiple programs including, bridge watch rating, marine navigation technology and marine engineering technology.
It was all smiles in the kitchen as students got a sneak peak behind the scenes during the open house event last week.
Students in the steamfitting/pipefitting program demonstrated the tools of their trade to high school students visiting during NSCC’s open house on October 18.
Students were able to get hands-on experience in courses offered by NSCC, including drywall, during the open house that took place last Thursday that saw roughly 500 high school students visit the Strait Area Campus for a day of knowledge.
The carpentry workshop was a busy place during NSCC’s open house, students were able to try their hand at a few different carpentry-related tasks including; stapling shingles, hammering nails, sawing wood, and even drilling drywall.
Students looked on closely as they were given a demonstration by practical nursing students on how to draw blood during the open house at the NSCC Strait Area Campus.