Dr. Robert Martel expressed concerns so well about palliative care in an open letter to the Prime Minister in the March 22 edition of The Reporter.

He states that it is “… not clear to me that anyone is championing rural palliative care….” He further states that “… the default position may be a premature desire to access physician death because palliative care is not available….”

We are adrift in the Strait region without Dr. Martel and a local palliative care doctor. I also hope the Prime Minister makes palliative care a priority especially for rural Canada. At the very least, I hope the Prime Minister responds.

I sent a letter about nursing homes to our premier and only received an automated reply. I expressed concerns about $6.7 million in cuts from nursing homes ($3.6 million last year and $3.1 million this year).

I find it ironic that the same amount cut ($3.6 million) is the amount put into hiring Nurse Practitioners for family practices (according to a provincial media source dated January 7). Eight positions were cut at Port Hawkesbury’s only nursing home by its owner, MacLeod Group. Premier McNeil did not cut his salary.

Nursing homes and palliative care are broken here and yet this area has the oldest residents. I feel if we don’t speak up, then when our turn comes, it will be too late.

Roberta MacInnis-Edmond

Port Hawkesbury