Paq’tnkek proceeding with free WiFi plan

PAQ’TNKEK: This community is rolling out a plan to provide free Internet connections to homes and businesses.

Rose Paul, director of economic development and lands with Paq’tnkek First Nation, said a pilot project confirmed that a plan to bring high speed Internet to all residences and businesses free-of-charge is feasible.

“It’s a very unique opportunity and I think it’s going to be good for Afton,” Paul said.

Currently, Paul said the First Nation is installing towers to serve the entire community.

There are also plans to bring free WiFi to prospective commercial tenants involved in the Paq’tnkek Interchange Project. Paul added the free service will be an important incentive for businesses looking to set up in the area.

“We’re hoping probably by the end of the summer, or the early fall that we will have WiFi services for community members and also extending WiFi services to our commercial tenants,” Paul said.

“It’s going to be an attraction for tourism, it’s going to be an attraction for everybody. It’s going to be an area of convenience. It’s going to be an area that’s going to compliment families, visitors, business people. It’s going to be a very mixed area.

“People can stop in and do what they want; get a quick charge on their phone, get in and check anything on WiFi, charge the car. It’s going to be an area that’s very busy but also be seen as an area with a one-stop approach.”