LOWER RIVER INHABITANTS: A local stretch of road is getting some work done.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR) is looking to finish up work on a 7.5 kilometre section of Highway 104, near Lower River Inhabitants, from approximately Exit 44 East.

Andrew MacPherson, an engineer with DITR, said the work began in June 25.

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“It’s just a general repave,” said MacPherson. “Its time had come. It’s kind of an independent project. The road had weathered to the point where it had to be repaved just to facilitate the traffic.”

MacPherson said DITR added left-hand turn lanes for vehicles wanting to take Exit 44. He said the original cost for the project was $2.4 million, which he said may change based on the work. As of August 21, he said the work is close to completion.

“We’ve got to get the lines painted, get some guardrails finished,” he said, adding he expects workers will be finished by the end of August.