Pee Wee A Sting to host provincials

PORT HAWKESBURY: The summer might be winding down, but there’s still time for some high-level baseball on the weekend of September 7-9 as the Pee Wee A Strait Area Sting hosts provincials.

“I can’t put an exact date on the last time provincials were held here in Port Hawkesbury, but it was a few years back,” said coach Collie Hayes. “We’re looking forward to hosting five other teams from across the province. It should be a fun weekend.”

In addition to the Sting, Cape Breton West and Tri-County will be composing Pool A. In Pool B will be the Sydney Sooners, East Hants, and Bridgewater.

All games will be at Oaklee’s Ball Park, with the exception of a Saturday morning outing between Cape Breton West and Bridgewater at the Creignish Recreation Centre.

“It’s a big undertaking, but it’s good for baseball and good for the town,” Hayes said, noting that he and the team have a great support system of volunteers in place.

“It starts with our minor baseball association, with Darren Bona, Shane Richards and Audrey Linden, who make up our executive, and they put in tons of time and effort to allow kids to play,” he said. “We take it from there. Gina MacDonald is the chair of the tournament, and we had a bunch of other parents take jobs. We’re fully confident we have the right group to put together a memorable tournament for everyone coming in.”

Just a couple years ago, three Sting teams won provincials on the same day. Indeed, August 28, 2016 was a history-making day for local sports as the Mosquito B Sting, Pee Wee B Sting, and Midget A Sting all won provincials within hours of each other. Hayes was coaching the Mosquitos that time out.

“It’s great to showcase the talent we have in the area because, believe me, there’s some great talent here,” he said.

“They’re all familiar with what it takes to win.”

Hayes also said there aren’t many fields in the province as nice or nicer than Oaklee’s.

The schedule of games is as follows:

 Friday, September 7: 

Sting vs. Sydney (2 p.m.)

CB West vs. East Hants (4:30 p.m.)

Tri-County vs. Bridgewater (7 p.m.)

  Saturday, September 8: 

Sting vs. East Hants (9 a.m.)

CB West vs. Bridgewater (9 a.m. in Creignish)

Tri-County vs. Sydney (11:30 a.m.)

Sting vs. Bridgewater (2 p.m.)

CB West vs. Sydney (4:30 p.m.)

Tri-County vs. East Hants (7 p.m.)

  Sunday, September 9: 

First Overall vs. Fourth Overall (9 a.m.)

Second Overall vs. Third Overall (11:30 a.m)

Championship (2 p.m.)