People’s Party of Canada names Joyce Cape Breton-Canso nominee

LITTLE ANSE: Canada’s newest political party, the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), has named its inaugural nominee in Cape Breton-Canso for the upcoming federal election.

Billy Joyce, who is also the Cape Breton-Canso riding association’s Chief Executive Officer, received the nomination earlier this month after nobody came forward to put their name on the ballot to represent a political party that has only been in existence for less than a year.

“Many feared retribution from the community leaders, or leaders in the business community, that not only support the Liberals and Conservatives, but have received substantial amounts of funding from the political parties they’ve contributed to financially,” Joyce told The Reporter. “As time went on, it became clear to our EDA that if we were to gain credibility and have a chance at competing in this election, it had to be someone who knew the platform, who believed in it and who was not afraid of standing up to the elite establishment that has been allowed to develop and flourish over 100-years of LibCon governance.”

Led federally by Maxime Bernier, Joyce becomes the PPC’s first representative in Cape Breton-Canso, and he said that overall, people are very excited with their platform of individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness, and respect.

“Many long time Conservatives and Liberals are looking for a real change; a government that will put veterans, seniors, First Nations and our children’s needs ahead of the needs of countries overseas,” Joyce said. “It makes no sense that with so many seniors struggling to make ends-meet, that we are sending billions of dollars to dozens of countries under the pretense of foreign aid.”

Joyce, who is the CITU 104.1 FM manager in Petit de Grat and has over 20-years of experience in community development, believes the people of Cape Breton-Canso deserve a Member of Parliament who will represent them in Ottawa, not just the party.

If elected, he pledges to hold at least five town halls per year all over the riding, to get the feedback of his electorate and he also pledges to consult with all partners and parties impacted by potential projects prior to supporting them.

“Maxime Bernier and the PPC are consistent in their messaging whether they are in Cape Breton-Canso or in Burnaby-South, British Columbia,” Joyce said. “Our platform is our platform, but we also have the flexibility to present private member bills that would more properly reflect the desires of the people of Cape Breton-Canso.”

Joyce stated the PPC is the only party that will allow an MP to present a Private Member’s Bill to, at the very least, have an informed debate on the issue.

Elected officials are supposed to represent constituents and Joyce said he’s actually been in their shoes.

“I’ve worked in nearly every industry imaginable on Isle Madame. I’ve baited long-lining trawls for fishermen, I was a deckhand on a lobster boat when 100 pounds in a day was considered a huge catch,” Joyce said. “I’ve represented Nova Scotia in the domain of youth entrepreneurship and employability while also acting as the economic development agent for Isle Madame. Most recently, I’ve managed a community radio station in a market that isn’t conducive to French-radio programming and kept it running for 10 years.”

What Joyce has been hearing is a lot of people want more money in their pockets and they want their tax dollars to be spent domestically first, and once every senior, veteran, First Nation member and child is well taken care of, then Canada can worry about taking care of the rest of the world.

Having the deepest ice-free ports in North America with development opportunities on both sides of the Strait of Canso, Joyce said there is no reason projects like the Melford Terminal Container project and the LNG facility aren’t going forward much faster than they are.

Having lived in Cape Breton-Canso his entire life, Joyce has vast knowledge of the area and its people through movements like Cursillo, amateur baseball and minor hockey, as well as his capacity to communicate both orally and in writing in both official languages.