PORT HAWKESBURY: Police are warning local residents about a phone scam.

Port Hawkesbury RCMP Staff Sgt. Greg Redl said police received a number of reports on August 31 from residents who received phone calls from people claiming to be involved with Revenue Canada.

“It’s a pretty common scam and having heard this, I suspect people will recognize it if they get the call,” he said.

“… We started getting calls probably around lunch time. We got about 10 calls within about an hour. My guess would be somebody obtained a Port Hawkesbury phone book and is just calling every single person to see who they can scam into sending them some money.”

Redl said anyone with questions is welcome to contact the RCMP.

“They say you owe money on your taxes and you need to send it to whatever form of payment they suggest, and that if you don’t the RCMP are actually going to come and arrest you that day,” said Redl. “We will not be coming to arrest anybody relating to taxes. If anybody threatens that the RCMP are going to come arrest them for something to do with taxes, it’s a scam for sure.”