ANTIGONISH: Town and county council are looking at a potential ban on plastic bags.

On December 17, Antigonish Town Council sent the matter to staff during a regular council meeting.

In November, council discussed the ban and voted to discuss the ban at a joint council meeting with county council. During the joint meeting, both councils voted to send the matter to their respective staffs.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said a report is on the way which she said won’t take long.

“During the discussion, it was well noted that this is the trend that’s going across Nova Scotia,” said Boucher. “We did talk about the province not taking a stand on it and the municipalities are coming together to try to push the province in that direction.”

While there are some concerns, Boucher said there aren’t many. She said a lot of businesses in town have already switched to paper bags. She said she would like more consultation with businesses before council makes a decision.

Boucher pointed to town councillor Jack MacPherson who urged a move away from plastic bags for some time, calling him a good advocate for sustainability.

On December 19, Antigonish Warden Owen McCarron said staff is looking at the potential ban. The warden said he understands the importance of removing plastic bags from the waste stream.

“We want to get some feedback from our staff,” said McCarron. “Our committee member Donnie MacDonald is also looking into it from the Eastern Solid Waste Management committee. In January we’re going to have some more information. I think there is a strong feeling though that getting rid of plastic bags is the right move.”