Port Hawkesbury’s outdoor rink still being worked on

PORT HAWKESBURY: Work on an outdoor rink hasn’t been easy with the recent weather.

Port Hawkesbury Recreation Director Paula Davis said the town continues to try and set up an outdoor rink on the tennis courts in town.

“We’re still trying to get enough days together that will freeze so that we can get it up and running,” Davis said. “It’s not up and running right now.”


She said precipitation over the first weekend in February washed out the base for the rink. Workers remain at the discretion of the weather, she added.

“We continue to flood it and it freezes, and then we get nine degree weather and we lose a little bit of headway so we’re hoping that we’ll get some steady freezing temperatures that will allow us to maintain it. The volunteers are over there working.

“I’ve never wished for cold weather before,” Davis added with a laugh.

Councillor Jeremy White suggested the rink at Port Hawkesbury Town Council’s committee of the whole meeting in November, with the first meeting for the project taking place the following month. The town later advertised for community volunteers to prepare and maintain the facility, with Davis calling it a “grassroots community project and the municipality will provide support wherever possible.”

Davis previously said the price of establishing the rink will be minimal, with costs including 2×12” boards, a liner, a hose for flooding, and snow removal equipment.