INVERNESS: An issue about public access to a beach in the village might finally be reaching a conclusion.

Cabot Golf sent out a press release last Wednesday indicating a new public access trail located at the north end of Inverness Beach has been opened.

“I would like to thank the community for working with us to ensure there will be a new public access trail to the beach area,” said Cabot CEO Ben Cowan-Dewar.

“I would like to offer a special thank you to the Inverness Development Association and the MacLeod family of Inverness, without whom this project would not be possible.

“We’re looking forward to another busy season at Cabot, and this trail is one more thing our community offers to enhance the experience of visitors to Inverness County.”

Cabot Golf said the trail will allow residents and tourists safe and direct access to the beach.

Jim Mustard

Jim Mustard, councillor for Inverness and area, said that the trail is getting a fair bit of use and that people really seem to be enjoying it. However, some matters persist in relation to the access point.

He said he’d like to see space made available for parking at the trailhead with signage.

“Aside from that, will there be a crosswalk?” he asked. “It would certainly make good sense because there’s no sidewalk on that side of the highway [where the access point is]. You need to get from the one side of the street over to the other.”

The councillor added that he’s had conversations with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR) about having an approved crosswalk at that location. The province must approve a crosswalk before the municipality puts one in.

“A number of jurisdictions are lining up: Cabot, DTIR, and municipal responsibility,” he said. “There are shared responsibilities there that we have to negotiate.”

Mustard mentioned that Inverness is in state of growth that shows no signs of dropping off in the near future, but with that growth come a number of infrastructure matters that have to be handled. Water and sewer for new businesses, road maintenance, signage, and matters like crosswalks all have to be addressed.