RCMP member assaulted with screwdriver

PAQ’TNKEK: A police officer sustained minor injuries thanks to his body armour after being stabbed by a 15-year-old Sunday morning in Antigonish County.

At around 9:40 a.m. Antigonish District RCMP responded to a call on Mugasun Road in Paq’tnkek. The subject of the complaint, a 15-year-old male youth, left the home before police arrived. One police officer went to the home to speak with the complainant, while two others canvassed the area to locate the youth.

While the RCMP officer was speaking with the complainant, the youth returned to the home. He was arrested, and the police officer attempted to block him from going further into the home.

“The youth grabbed a screwdriver and attempted to stab the police officer with it,” a press release from the RCMP stated. “Both fell to the ground and a scuffle ensued in which the youth stabbed at the police officer several times and reached for his pistol. The youth eventually dropped the screwdriver and was subdued by the police officer.” Additional police resources arrived at the scene and assisted with the arrest. The police officer’s body armour and winter clothing protected him and he sustained minor injuries resulting from the scuffle, the RCMP noted.

The suspect was taken to cells at the Antigonish Detachment and held in custody overnight. He was charged with: attempted murder; assault with a weapon; assaulting a peace officer; attempting to disarm a police officer; possession of a weapon; and resisting arrest.

He appeared in Antigonish Provincial Court yesterday and is being held in custody until an additional court appearance today.