Editor’s note: The following was written to Premier Stephen McNeil, education minister Zach Churchill and Strait regional centre for education director Ford Rice.

I am writing today concerned with the news library staff hours have been further reduced for the coming school year.

I know you appreciate how necessary it is to have trained and qualified staff in our schools to help teach and train our children for educational success. Your prompt attention to the suggestions in the Report on Inclusion demonstrates your commitment to adequately servicing the needs of our students, all of our students.

Librarians and assistants are a trained resource and available to our all of our students and teachers. Provided adequate time, they help generate and stimulate a love of reading in our youth. A library can be a quiet and safe space in a busy, complicated building. This is only true if the doors are open and there is someone inside to support the child.

During the P3 discussions last April on the fate of leased buildings, there was much discussion on utilizing space most effectively. Having a librarian in the library is the best way to help our children succeed in all disciplines – Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, Information Technology, and Social Studies – to name a few.

I am asking you return librarians to full time hours and keep the libraries a vibrant space in our schools. They are a resource already available to us. Let’s work with the tools we have to continue our path to excellence.

Thank you for your continued service to the taxpayers of Nova Scotia. Your family and neighbours are depending on you to make good decisions. We are all in this together.

Yours in community service!

Mary Anne MacKeigan Cameron