Sponsored Content: Chelsea Brooks’ home community is Indian Brook, Nova Scotia. She is the daughter of the late David J. Brooks and Alice Brooks. She first began painting at two-years-old. Her father taught her to draw, paint, and be creative.

“He was the best teacher a daughter could ask for. He has always inspired and will continue to inspire and influence my artwork,”  Brooks has said many times.

Brooks has been making it a priority to carry on her father’s art legacy, which is a big part of her family. Her artwork is personal, and each time she creates a painting or makes a custom painting for a client, she is not only giving a painting, but she is also giving “her time, her energy, her thought process, her heart, and her soul,” she says.

Brooks met Rolf Bouman for the first time in 2008. Since that time she has been painting with the Friends United Initiative and has produced many paintings that are featured at the Friends United International Convention Centre.

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