Stephen Long recently produced a video highlighting Port Hawkesbury’s Veterans’ Memorial Park. The video is avaialable on YouTube.

PORT HAWKESBURY: Local resident Stephen Long wanted to put some focus on Port Hawkesbury’s Veterans’ Memorial Park and did so using a video he made himself.

Long said he started making videos after picking up a new camera.

“I always liked the [Port Hawkesbury’s Veterans’ Memorial Park],” said Long, whose father Sgt. Emerson Long, served in World War II and took part in D Day.


“I walked up to the park and started taking shots, and one shot led to the other, and there’s the video.”

The video took around three weekends to put together, including editing and getting the shots Long wanted. He dedicated the video to the memory of all veterans.

“I was up there and this couple came in from Quebec, they were wandering around looking so I got to talking to them and the old guy said to me ‘In our town of 30,000, all we got is a cannon’ and I kind of chuckled,” said Long. “He said ‘This is just amazing.’ That was the first time I was down and I said ‘I’m going to get put this place out there on YouTube,’ so I started making a video.”

Long said the video of the park is going to be part of a series he calls “Hometown Videos” which he plans to upload to his YouTube channel.

In a Facebook post, Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton congratulated Long for his work.

“And, what Stephen has done is this: he has effectively shown us all that in the Strait and in Port Hawkesbury – we have not forgotten our fallen friends and family,” stated Chisholm-Beaton.

“We have also not forgotten our veterans. What we have presently existing in our Veterans Memorial Park [and more is planned] is such a tremendous testament to honor our lost ones and our veterans. We indeed have not forgotten. Take your kids to the park between now and November 11. It is up to us all to ensure subsequent generations do not forget why we are safe and enjoy freedom and liberty today.”