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River Bourgeois census 1891

Richmond County Canada,
District No. 41, Richmond, Sub-District No. 6. Taken By Daniel Sampson on April 6, 1891 with text transcribed and contributed by Jeanne D. Belford. This transcription should be of particular interest to those with Bonin, Boucher, Boudrot, Burke, Cordeau, Dugas, Fougere, Landry, Patis, Sampson, and Thibeau roots. There were 225 families recorded in the 1891 River Bourgeois census.

Unless otherwise noted, all recorded individuals were shown born in Nova Scotia and of the Roman Catholic religion. In this transcription, if the head of a family is of a religion other than Roman Catholic, the remainder of that family is all of the same faith, unless otherwise noted.

McPhee, Frederick, Male (M), 40, fisherman

McPhee, (?), Female (F0, 40, wife

McPhee, Louis, M, 17, son, fisherman

McPhee, Amie, M, 16, son

McPhee, Lucie (?), F, 12, daughter

McPhee, Mary, F, 12, daughter

McPhee, Frederick, M, 7, son

McPhee, Angeline, F, 1, daughter


McPhee, Jerome, M, 29, fisherman

McPhee, Mary, F, mother, widow


Gasae (?), Jane, F, 57, widow

Gasae, Lochland, M, 23, son, farmer

Gasae, Beerett (?) Sabine, F, 14, domestic  servant


Davis, Daniel, M, 55, farmer, Presbyterian

Davis, Catherine, F, 48, wife

Davis, Egearis (?), M, 80, father, Church of England

Davis, Maggie, F, 80, mother, Church of England


MacLean, Donald, M, 70, widower, farmer

Scottish Presbyterian

MacLean, Catherine, F, 27, daughter

MacLean, Mary B., F, 25, daughter

MacLean, Lochland, M, 20, son, farmer

MacLean, Murdoch, M, 16, son


Patis, Joseph, M, 68, fisherman

Patis, Susan, F, 50, wife

Patis, Maurice, M, 17, son, fisherman

Patis, Fermen, M, 15, son

Patis, Amie, M, 19, son

Patis, Mary, F, 25, daughter


Grant, Samuel, M, 38, farmer

Grant, Elizabeth, F, 23, wife

Grant, Abraham, M, 3, son

Grant, William James, M, 2, son


McRae, Donald, M, 47, house carpenter

McRae, Mary Jane, F, 44, wife

McRae, George, M, 11, son


Sutherland, Neil, M, 55, widower, farmer


Sutherland, David, M, 11, son

Sutherland, John William, M, 9, son

Sutherland, James, M, 5, son


Morrison, James, M, 55, farmer

Morrison, Mary, F, 45, wife

Morrison, Catherine, F, 17, daughter

Morrison, Mary, E., F, 15, daughter

Morrison, Maggie, F, 8, daughter

Morrison, Annie, F, 6, daughter


LeCouter (?), William, M, 54, fisherman

LeCouter, Ann, F, 45, wife

LeCouter, Elizabeth, F, 25, daughter

LeCouter, George, M, 23, son

LeCouter, Catherine, F, 22, daughter

LeCouter, Christy Ann, F, 20, daughter

LeCouter, Hughey, M, 15, son

LeCouter, Mary Jane, F, 16, daughter

LeCouter, Annie, F, 14, daughter

LeCouter, Mary Julia, F, 11, daughter

LeCouter, Rachel, F, 9, daughter

LeCouter, John, M, 7, son

LeCouter, William, M, 4, son


Thebo, Peter, M, 37, foreman lobster factory

Thebo, Rachel, F, 33, wife

Boucher, Charlotte, F, 5, lodger


Thebo, Patrick, M, 28, lobster factory labourer

Thebo, Annie, F, 20, wife

Thebo, Ellen Jane, F, 4, daughter

Thebo, John Henry, M, 1, son

Thebo, Susan, F, 58, mother


Thebo, Patrick, M, 28, lobster factory labourer

Thebo, Virgin, F, 19, wife


MacNeil, M.J.T., M, 47, inspector

MacNeil, Martha, F, 36, wife

MacNeil, William, M, 13, son

MacNeil, Malcolm G., M, 12, son

MacNeil, Helene J., F, 10, daughter

MacNeil, Maria A., F, 8, daughter

MacNeil, Frederick H., M, 7, son

MacNeil, Henrietta V., F, 4, daughter

MacNeil, Frank A., M, 2, son

MacNeil, Claric (?) B., M, 4 months, son