Residents want access to community mailboxes

ARICHAT: Residents asked council to support their efforts to have reasonable access to their Canada Post community mailboxes.

During the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on November 26, St. George’s Channel resident Lennan MacDonald wrote council about the condition of the road at the bottom of Cameron Mountain Road, near their community mail boxes.

“The ditch from the mountain road ends where we get our mail, allowing water to pour in that area and become very muddy,” MacDonald wrote to council.

District 4 councillor Gilbert Boucher said extending a nearby ditch another 100 feet would likely solve the problem. He said it is a big problem for those trying to get their mail.

Boucher recommended council write the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to examine the possibility of doing ditching in that area.

Deputy Warden Brian Marchand said he spoke with DTIR and understands they have a private contract with Canada Post. He suggested that the Crown Corporation also has a role to play, but noted that ditching could solve the problem.

“They seem to think that Canada Post has some responsibility as well,” Marchand told council.

In response to the amount of calls he’s received of washed-out culverts, district 2 councillor Alvin Martell said he always gets the same response, that there’s no money, and he’s not hopeful that the province can or will do anything to help in this matter.

Council approved a motion to send letters of support to the DTIR, as well as Canada Post.