Richmond amends dangerous and unsightly premises policy

ARICHAT: Council has changed its dangerous and unsightly premises policy.

Council approved a motion to amend the municipality’s Dangerous and Unsightly Premises Policy to allow for councillors to submit complaint forms during the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on January 28 in Arichat.

Deputy Warden Brian Marchand asked for changes to the sections of the policy – which allow staff to investigate anonymous complaints or those that are not put in writing – which he said were misused in the past.

Marchand also requested that the policy mandate that Eastern District Planning Commission director John Bain follow-up on any complaints with councillors.

Warden Jason MacLean said complaints can come from a member of the public or from a councillor. As a result of the policy amendments, the warden said councillors have more leeway in submitting dangerous or unsightly premises complaints.

The warden also responded that the policy will be changed to mandate a response from Bain on any complaints from councillors.

District 2 councillor Alvin Martell also sought assurances that the policy changes ensure that councillors have to declare conflicts of interest.

After councillors approved the dangerous and unsightly policy changes, they then replaced By-Law #8, the Mischiefs and Nuisances By-Law, with By-Law #65, the Noise By-Law.