ARICHAT: Councillors will be signing a new Code of Conduct.

On January 28 during the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council in Arichat, a new Code of Conduct policy was approved.

Deputy Warden Brian Marchand asked whether the code would take effect during the current council term, or at the beginning of the next term.

Noting the importance of the new policy in establishing respect, Marchand said the code governs how councillors react with each other and the public.

“We all feel a certain way about certain topics and we should be able to voice how we feel without worrying about ridicule or anything like that,” Marchand said. “There is some method in here of bringing an issue up if a councillor isn’t being treated properly.”

Richmond Warden Jason MacLean said councillors will soon be signing the new code.

“When you become a councillor, you do sign a Code of Conduct and that’s part of that original ceremony, but I think what’s happening here is that there’s an actual policy for a Code of Conduct that council is expected to abide by,” MacLean told council.

MacLean said the code is a guideline to govern the actions of councillors.

“It’s very much a reminder that we treat people with respect, that we are open, and honest, and transparent,” he said.