Richmond awards tender for broadband and cell improvements

ARICHAT: The municipality has awarded a tender to conduct improvements to Internet and cell phone services in parts of Richmond County.

During a special meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on August 1 in Arichat, council approved a motion to confirm Bell Aliant as the winning bid to start work in the Framboise and Forchu areas.

Public Works Director Chris Boudreau explained that on June 20, the municipality issued a Request for Proposals to upgrade broadband Internet and cellular phone services in the eastern portion of the municipality.

Boudreau said the estimate for work in Framboise and Fourchu was approximately $217,000, of which the municipality is responsible for approximately $133,678. This project was noted as a capital project under consideration and subject to approval in Richmond County’s 2018-2019 budget.

As for the upgrades planned in the Dundee, West Bay and Cleveland areas, Boudreau estimated that work will cost approximately $1.3 million in total. He said Richmond County officials are currently in talks with representatives of the Municipality of the County of Inverness, as well as the provincial government about funding partnerships.

Once that is decided, that project will have to go back to council for a motion before it can proceed.