Richmond County Record

Pictured is the 1950 St. Peter’s Royals team from the Richmond County Baseball League.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s.

The following excerpts are taken from the Richmond County Record from September 22, 1951:

“DIAMOND DUST by Ken MacEwan:

Royals humble Red Caps 13-2 take opener of league finals”

“Petit de Grat Sept. 9 – The St. Peter’s Royals kept up their slugging power, which they found of late, and racked up 14 hits to overpower the home town Red Caps 13-2.

“Pitching the route for his thirteenth win in fifteen starts [exhibitions included] was Ambri White who allowed but seven scattered hits, and struck out nine. Starter for Petit de Grat was Herman Sampson who was relieved in the fourth by Vince Boudreau. Samson gave up seven runs, Boudreau the remaining six.

“Longest hit of the game was an out of the field homer by Everett Skinner who also led the Royals in fielding, having 12 chances at shortstop without a miscue. Other stars for the winners were ‘Bunter’ MacEwan with a perfect day at bat, picking up one double and five singles in six trips; and catcher Roswell Pottie, who cut off numerous attempted steals by the Red Caps.

“Leading the Petit de Grat batters was Adolph Boudreau who picked up two of his team’s hits and played a strong game in the outfield.

“The game was witnessed by a very large number of fans who had gathered from all sections of the county.

“One of the finest catches of the game was by Petit de Grat catcher George Jollymore, who nabbed a high foul while leaning over the rope behind home plate.

“Umpires were Henry King, Evanston, at the plate; Francis Marchand, Louisdale and Lorenzo Sampson, L’Ardoise on the bases. The above staff handled the game very smoothly, and although tension ran high as in all play-off contests, there were no lengthy rhubarbs or unnecessary stallings for time.

“The writer on behalf of the St. Peter’s Royals wishes to express the appreciation of all team members to Messers Earl MacDonald of MacDonald’s Meat Market and Joe Mancini of the ‘Cosy Corner’ restaurant for their extra generous contributions in support of their home team during these play-offs.”


Black River: School opened in Dundee on Wednesday, Sept 5th. Miss Annabel Morrison, Roberta, is our teacher. Miss Morrison is a graduate from St. Peter’s High School and we wish her every success, in this her first year of teaching.

“Martinique: The Lennox Passage Bridge is undergoing a paint job under the efficient management of Joe Baccardax.

“West Arichat: Leonard Duann has left for Antigonish to enter St. F.X University where he will study fir his B.A. Degree. We wish him every success.

“Arichat: We were delighted recently when our good friends Mr. E.A. Dow and Miss Ida Donahue, of Boston, Mass., called at the Record office to renew their annual acquaintance. Two years ago, Mr. Dow acquired Jerseyman’s Island, in Arichat Harbour and we are happy to learn that our good friend may make use of the Island in the not too distant future. They are much impressed with the scenic beauty of Arichat and surrounding districts and never fail to visit here on their trips to Nova Scotia and we assure them that the welcome mat awaits them always at our humble domicile.”