Pictured are graduates of the Arichat High School.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s.

The following are excerpts from the Richmond County Record dated September 1, 1951:

“L’Ardoise: in a very loosely played game on the L’Ardoise diamond, the St. Peter’s Royals overshadowed the hometown Ramblers 12-9 to take a 2-1 lead in their best-of-five semifinal round.


“Black River: We wish to extend our congratulations to Annabel Morrison, Roberta, Katherine Urquahart, Grand Anse, Jack MacKillop, West Bay Centre, and Jane MacIntosh, Dundee, on their fine records received in their Grade XI Provincial Examinations. Whatever you choose to do now we wish you all success!

“West Arichat: the Immaculate Conception Church was the scene of an impressive ceremony the past week when Most Reverend Roderick McDonald, Bishop of Antigonish, confirmed 80 children. The church was filled to capacity, and at seven o’clock, Rev. Fr. Doucet with other priests from nearby parishes and altar boys, came to church in procession with Bishop McDonald. He then made a brief sermon to the children who were about to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The girls were led to the altar by Mrs. R.T. LeBlanc and the boys by Francis Duann. The girls looked charming with white dresses and white veils while the boys wore white bands on their arms. During confirmation, Mme. Amedie Terrio acted as godmother while Mr. Terrio acted as godfather for the boys.

“Rev. Fr. Gallant preached a sermon in French followed by the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

“With last week’s issue the Record completed 54 years of continuous service in the county of Richmond.

“On August 25, 1897 the late Bertram Bourinot established the Record which has been owned and operated continuously under the same name and today members of the third generation of the family can be found in the shop doing their bit to keep the old home weekly coming into your homes.

“The circulation of the Record continues to grow and the many encouraging letters received from subscribers at home and abroad are more encouraging and gives us added courage to carry on our work with renewed zeal and vigour.

“Our policy is to publish all the news of interest and kindly request all our readers to report any worthwhile news item of your town or district. We use the waste basket for all items of an offensive nature.

“Again we wish to thank all our advertisers, subscribers and patrons of the printing department for their valued patronage and in bringing the Record to the end of another successful milestone.


Anyone found cutting wood on my land located at Martinique and West Arichat Road will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Leo Bennett

56 Madison Ave.

North Cambridge, Mass.

Petit de Grat boy 481

“Arichat: Our Federal representative W.F. Carroll, was a visitor to Arichat during the week. On Sunday Mr. Carroll donated and presented cash prizes to the Arichat High School for the best essays on the history of Isle Madame.

“The awards were as follows, Lorraine Martel, first; Margaret Doyle, second, Arichat; Gloria Boudreau, first, Petit de Grat, (French).”