Richmond county resident concerned with condition of road

ROCKDALE: Heavy spring rain has caused issues for some drivers on Richmond County’s Kings Road.

Last week, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR) finished up repairs to Kings Road in Rockdale. The road has suffered from multiple washouts since April.

“We’ve been having problems with that road for years,” said local resident Theresa Sampson.

Sampson said residents began calling DTIR when a portion of the road washed out on April 28, leaving a hole she said was approximately 11 feet long by six feet wide. According to Sampson, DTIR applied gravel on one side of the road while the hole was marked with pylons until a second washout occurred on May 26.

A local resident spotted new damage to Kings Road in May.

Sampson said the deep hole posed a danger to residents as well as first responders.

“It was a safety hazard,” Sampson said. “Five elderly people are living on the lane. A fire truck would not have made it through, and I’m doubtful an ambulance would have.”

DTIR spokesperson Marla MacInnis said crews completed repairs to the road on May 28.

“The washouts were due to heavy rain, which caused damage to Kings Road about five weeks ago,” said MacInnis. “We signed the area until we could do some repairs… The road is now safe for all road users.”

Although the recent washouts have been fixed, Sampson says residents are concerned that the repairs are insufficient to prevent future damage to the road and would like to see the construction of a bridge.

“They’re just putting a band-aid on it,” Sampson said. “Those rocks and gravel eventually are going to erode away with our rainy season and it’s going to continue to happen.”

MacInnis said the recent repairs were aimed at improving how the road deals with excess water.

“The repairs that took place… are going to help some of the drainage and water flow issues through our culverts. So that will help during rainfalls,” she said. “During the heavier rainfalls, we are going to continue to monitor the culvert, just in case any further issues arise.”