Nova Construction has submitted a tender bid for secondary road upgrades in the Seaview area.

The contract covers Grant and Sporting Mountain Roads. To my knowledge of this contract, I do not know if the contract will involve work on Mountain or Morrison secondary roadways, which were to be included in the tender last spring.

The wheels of progress are turning in Seaview, Richmond County today as I write this letter. Workers and machinery are active and visible on their work site, with bush hogging, tree cutting, ditching, and replacing broken roadway culverts, followed with a new gravel road top surface when all other work is completed.

I have been seeking this upgrade for the past 37 years because of safety concerns. For those who may not be aware, Grant Road is a one and one-quarter mile long narrow stretch of alder filled ditch roadway leading into the wider Mountain Road roadway.

Over the years, three active gravel/asphalt pits have accumulated in our community of Seaview and are active every year from early spring to late fall. Three operating gravel pits on the narrow, unattended Grant Road roadway made its residents insecure while having to travel these roads, with their children, an elderly parent, or a senior in their vehicle.

Today, something positive is in sight in my community. After 37 years of endless letters to the media, MLAs, municipal councillors, the offices of the transportation department and the minister. I also sent my latest letter for help to the office of Alana Paon, MLA Cape Breton-Richmond.

I want to thank one and all for taking the time during the past 37 years and listening to my safety concerns. Your victory can be achieved if you can travel the distance.

Clarence Landry,