Richmond County ‘Walk to Remember’ October 19 in Arichat

ARICHAT: Parents and families can support pregnancy and infant loss through the annual Richmond County Walk to Remember.

Every day, a family in Nova Scotia experiences the pain of losing a child as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss. To honour those little lives lost, parents and families will be taking to the streets to participate in Richmond County’s 4th annual Walk to Remember on October 19 at the New Horizons Club in Arichat.

“My family and I have been attending the Walk to Remember since it first came about in 2009 in Halifax,” said Aimee Feener, one of the volunteers. “I moved home here to Cape Breton three years ago and was happy to hear that Richmond County held a Walk to remember our babies. This group was started by Lori Doiron-Benoit in 2016 and I am very proud to be part of this Walk in Richmond County to help bring families together. I lost my daughter Kaden 14 years ago to a rare disorder. The pain of losing a child never goes away, but honouring her and knowing I’m not alone helps ease that pain.”

The Walk is a way for moms, dads and families to honour their sons and daughters and to share their loss with others who have had similar experiences. It’s time to break the silence and show others that they never have to walk alone on this journey to healing.

The Richmond County Walk to Remember will start at 1 p.m. Participants will walk the High Road, turn right onto Binets Lane, right onto Veterans Memorial Drive, right up Marmund Lane and right back onto the High Road. A reception will be held following the walk. To learn more about the group, join their Facebook Page “Richmond County Walk to Remember.”