ARICHAT: Council will soon be considering changes to the municipal noise by-law and drafting a new communications strategy.

During the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on September 24 in Arichat, a draft of Richmond County’s noise by-law was introduced for review.

Warden Brian Marchand requested that any councillors with questions or concerns about the by-law to contact municipal staff or bring them up at the next Committee-of-the-Whole meeting in October.

“There were some issues with the times, 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock,” Marchand said. “There was another section referring to Section 8, that should be Section 9.”

While discussing the Communication Strategy, Deputy Warden James Goyetche wanted to know if it will be incorporated into a new by-law or made into a new policy.

Calling this more of an internal matter, Goyetche asserted that different operations within the municipality have different communications guidelines but anything pertaining to the communication of council has to be considered by the whole elected body.

“I think council has protocol, as far as the operation of municipal council,” he said. “As far as the warden and councillors are concerned, the staff have their own protocol as far as communication.”

Marchand responded that it is a strategy, not a by-law, and is not part of an existing by-law.

CAO Kent MacIntyre said the strategy also deals with communication between council and emergency organizations and requires council’s approval.

“The strategy mentions how the spokesperson for council would be designated as the warden, and in turn in any other circumstances, the deputy warden,” MacIntyre responded.

Rather than approving and adopting the new strategy council decided to refer the matter to its Committee-of-the-Whole meeting next month.