LOUISDALE: A review of Richmond County’s entire municipal staffing complement is expected to get underway soon, according to the warden.

Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Maris Freimanis confirmed at a regular monthly council meeting in January that the municipality has used its public procurement process to hire SLP Developmental Service Incorporated to carry out an organizational review of the municipality’s operations.

Freimanis was the CAO of the Town of Port Hawkesbury when the same company carried out a similar review in mid-2015, resulting in the elimination of 2.5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions from the town’s staff grid and a complete overhaul of job descriptions in the remaining 24 FTE posts.

Speaking to The Reporter Monday afternoon, Richmond Warden Brian Marchand confirmed that the organizational review discussed this past winter is expected to begin soon.

“I think that, by the end of this month, they’ll be able to get it started – hopefully, we’ll see it started,” said Marchand.

According to figures provided by Freimanis to Richmond council officials and the general public in January, the new Richmond County organizational review will carry a price tag of $22,400, with council also covering expenses totaling $2,060 plus the resulting Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) involving the company’s work.

“An organizational review is a thing that is necessary for this organization to move forward,” Freimanis said at the January 23 council meeting in Arichat.

Shortly after SLP Developmental Service carried out its Port Hawkesbury staff review nearly two years ago, Freimanis stated that 18 existing town employees fit into the new municipal staff roles but added that the town issued working notices to other staffers that “didn’t align with the new organization,” rather than providing a full severance package to any of the affected employees.