River Bourgeois census 1891

Contributed photo Pictured is the old church in River Bourgeois.

Richmond County Canada, District No. 41 Richmond, Sub-District No. 6

Taken by Daniel Sampson, April 6, 1891

Text transcribed and contributed by Jeanne D. Belford

This transcription should be of particular interest to those with Bonin, Boucher, Boudrot, Burke, Cordeau, Dugas, Fougere, Landry, Patis, Sampson, and Thibeau roots. There were 225 families recorded in the 1891 River Bourgeois census.

Unless otherwise noted, all recorded individuals were shown born in Nova Scotia and of the Roman Catholic religion.

In this transcription, if the head of a family is of a religion other than Roman Catholic, the remainder of that family is all of the same faith, unless otherwise noted.

Fougere, Catherine, Female (F), 45, widow

Fougere, Henry Male (M), 21, son

Fougere, Maurice M, 19, son

Fougere, Mary Elizabeth, F, 18, daughter

Fougere, Abraham, M, 38, factory

Fougere, Elizabeth, F, 37, wife

Burk, Henry, M, 53, fisherman

Burk, Adeline, F, 52, wife

Burk, Amable, M, 13, son, fisherman

Burk, Joseph, M, 27, son

Burk, Poline, F, 23, son’s wife

Burk, ?, F, 2, daughter

Burk, Malcom, M, 4 ½, son

Robertson, Matthew, M, 28, blacksmith

Robertson, Gertrude, F, 29, wife

Robertson, Frederick, M, 5, son

Robertson, Mary, F, 4 ½, daughter

Landry, Andrew, M, 64, fisherman

Landry, Emilia, F, 62, wife

Landry, A., M, 22, son, fisherman

Vincent, Betsey, F, 38, married

Vincent, James, M, 18, son, fisherman

Vincent, Daniel, M, 15, son, fisherman

Vincent, Mary, F, 43, married, servant

Vincent, Betsey, F, 85, mother, widow

Sampson, Percy, F, 65, widow

Doucette, Maggie, F, 33, widow

Burk, Edward, M, 74, fisherman

Burk, Harriet, F, 72, wife

Sampson, Cyril, M, 62, widower lighthouse keeper

Samspson, Fancy, F, 37, daughter

Sampson, Desirio, M, 31, fisherman

Samspon, Mary, F, 36, wife

Sampson, Victoria, F, 7, daughter

Samspon, Malcolm, M, 6, son

Sampson, Cyril, M, 5, son

Sampson, Joseph, M, 3, son

Burk, Joseph, M, 40, fisherman

Burk, Nancy, F, 47, wife

Burk, ?, M, 14, son, fisherman

Burk, William, M, 13, son

Burk, Mary, F, 15, daughter

Burk, L, F, 11, daughter

Burk, Geneveve, F, 9, daughter

Burk, Julia, F, 8, daughter

Bissett, Ernest, M, 22, student