Pictured is the village of River Bourgeois.

Andrew D. Boudreau and Marie M. Landry June 13, 1939; parents William Boudreau and Catherine Sutton; and Aime Landry and Marguerite Bourque; witnesses John Landry and Marguerite Digout

James C. Boyd and Marie V. Landry June 29 1939; parents William Boyd and Anne Hureau; and George Landry and Susanne Samson; witnesses John Boyd and Aveline Landry

Xavier F. Bourque and Edith M. Samson November 13, 1939; parents John P. Bourque and Alvina Beranger; and David Samson and Mary A. Samson; witnesses Herman Bourque and Mary Samson

Harry A. Linloff and Jeanne H. Landry March 25, 1940; parents Edward Linloff and Johanna Moore; and Jeffrey Landry and Bertha Bouchard; witnesses Ernest Landry and Marguerite Maddex

Victor D. Bourque and Marguerite A. Fougere September 11, 1940; parents Dominique Bourque and Philomene Bourque; and Henry Fougere and Marie Boudreau; witnesses Fred LeBlanc and Anne Sutherland

Victor D. Bourque and Marguerite A. Fougere September 10, 1940; parents: Dominic Bourque and Philomene Bourque; and Henry Fougere and Marie Boudreau; witnesses Fred LeBlanc and Anne Sutherland

George W. Boucher and Rachel C. Burke November 26, 1940; parents Willia Boucher and Victoire Samson; and Patient Burke and Angelina Bouchard; witnesses Joseph Bouchard and Rita Boucher

Lorenzo Samson and Marie H. Doucette May 6, 1941; parents: Albert Samson and Leonie Merchant; and John Doucette and Caroline Boucher; witnesses Raymond Doucette and Marie Jeffrey

Antoine I. Bourque and Marie Boudreau May 28, 1941; parents Amable Bourque and Ida May Landry; witnesses Wilfred Dugas and Angeline Bourque

Reginald V. Scurr and Marie V. Pottie August 21, 1941; parents Joseph Scurr and Beatrice Davis; and Charles Pottie and Florence DeWolfe; witnesses Arthur Pottie and Cara Pottie

Clifford D. Goyetche and Marie M. Fitzgerald

August 21, 1941; parents Simon Goyetche and Julie Samson; and Patrick Fitzgerald and Annie Samson; witnesses Ernest Touesnard and Florence Fitzgerald

James H. Boucher and Marguerite R. Samson September 1, 1941; parents Willie Boucher and Victoire Samson; and Charles Samson and Minnie Bourque; witnesses John Samson and Rita Boucher

Lewis J. Smith and Marie L. Landry October 5, 1941; parents Hugh Smith and Louise Gale; and Charles Landry and Florence Boucher; witnesses James Richard and Jeanne Richard

Roderick A. Touesnard and Marie V. Samson October 6, 1941; parents Emile Touesnard and Minnie Samson; and Henry Samson and Charlotte Pate; witnesses Gerald Touesnard and Cecilia Samson

Napoleon R. Hertubise and Marie L. Bourque February 3, 1942; parents Emiline Hertubise and Georgeline Monette; and John Bourque and Marie Boucher; witnesses Charles Bourque and Angelia Bourque

Charles S. Thibeau and Rachel D. McPhee June 15, 1942; parents Edward Thibeau and Marie Maddex; and Jerome McPhee and Anne Lecontre; witnesses Jack Maddex and Catherine Thibeau

All marriages were officiated by Fr. P. Robitaille