ARICHAT: The Regional Occupation Centre (ROC) Society and Telile were both approved for municipal grants.

In Arichat on September 24, during the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council, the ROC Society was approved for a type 4 regional general health grant in the amount of $10,000.

Richmond CFO Jason Martell told council the society was previously covered by core community grants but since that policy has been repealed, they are no longer eligible and now require assistance with operating costs. While 75 per cent of their funding is covered by the provincial government, the society still has to raise the rest in the community.

After approving that request, Martell told council that Telile TV was applying for a $5,000 type 1 infrastructure grant.

He said Telile wants to upgrade their equipment as part of the process of switching from analog to digital.

“Telile is undertaking a project of $250,000 and they confirmed to me that they received $167,000 from the federal government, which is ACOA,” the CFO told council.

Councillor Gilbert Boucher pointed out that the municipality’s infrastructure grant policy does not include funding for equipment.

Martell responded that council has not fully defined whether equipment can be considered infrastructure.

Deputy Warden James Goyetche said for Telile, equipment is infrastructure and the local television station is important to the residents of Richmond County and beyond.

“You cannot operate Telile, or the basis of the organization without equipment,” he noted. “I would say this is part of infrastructure.”

Before the conclusion of the meeting, Telile general manager Cora LeBlanc thanked council and agreed with the deputy warden.

“To us, this equipment is infrastructure, when this goes, Telile will be off air,” LeBlanc told council.

The Telile general manager added the Arichat-based television station has been mandated by the Canadian Radio Communications and Telecommunications Commission to convert to digital equipment by 2020 and funding is running out, as is the life span of their current equipment.