Ariana Grande

In my day it was tapes, then CDs. Now, apparently people make playlists on Spotify, which I assume is like Twitter but for music…right? (I know not of you young people and your wonky Internet apps. Someone asked me if I was on Tinder the other day and they almost got punched. They almost got hit again when they told me what Tinder is.)

Anyway, I was wondering what songs I would include on a romantic/in the mood playlist. Obviously the first hurdle is defining romantic. For me, being romantic is about as easy as being a Martian. It’s just not in my DNA. (Besides, Mars is so Y2K.) However, I suppose if I have to live with you normies, I have to try and adapt to my surroundings.

  1. “Old Friend”- Rancid. Right off the bat, the name of the band might throw you. My counter is that the name of the band has little to no affect on the song. Sure, it is a ska-punk jam but I like the beat and despite the chorus of “good morning, heart ache”, it strikes me as a positive song.
  2. “Pink Moon” – Nick Drake. I have a very specific happy memory tied to this song and that’s as far as I am willing to go with my explanation other than to say it is a pretty song and it’s too bad most people only associate it with a car commercial.
  3. “Dang” – Mac Miller featuring Anderson Paak. See? I listen to some modern music. I like the grove on this one and Miller’s skill impressed me. I only heard one of his songs prior to this single and while it was good, that’s all it was. He upped his game over time and it showed. As for why it works on this list, just give it a listen.
  4. “Brass in Pocket” – The Pretenders. I really like Chrissie Hynde’s voice. She could sing a recipe for biscuits and I would happily listen on repeat.
  5. “Side to Side” – Arianne Grande. I looked up this song on the Internet because I had no idea what the singer was trying to get across. Then I learned and yeah…it belongs on the list.
  6. “Jamming” – Bob Marley. If I were to have had a list back in the 90s, this song would have been there and it will likely remain on any future lists as well. You don’t have to like Bob Marley, but I do. So there.
  7. “High” – The Cure. What can I say? I relate to a generally mopey guy trying to express something happy.

So yeah, that’s my list. Seven songs are all I can come up with, which I suppose might give you some idea just how often I think about romance. Upon reviewing the list, all the songs, with the exception of the punk track, are somewhat subdued in their respective rhythms. I wonder if this is a sign of me getting old, or me recognizing I can’t move very fast for an extended period of time anymore.

I suppose that is worth some investigation but I have to go take my Metamucil and throw on a cardigan. Matlock is almost on.

I’m done now.