The SAERC Saints girls soccer team claimed the “Be Like Breezie” championship last Saturday following a competitive two days of play at the Port Hawkesbury field. This is the fourth time in the tournament’s five-year history that SAERC won the championship.

PORT HAWKESBURY: The SAERC Saints girls soccer team scored a 3-1 win over the Dalbrae Dragons to win, once again, the Be Like Breezie memorial soccer tournament.

“It was probably the best I’ve seen them play,” said Robyn Morgan, who’s coaching the Saints this year. “The first game they played on Saturday was unbelievable. They were passing, communicating, and doing everything that was expected of them, and it really pumped them up. It got them ready for the next game and the game after that.”

This is the fifth time the Saints hosted the tournament, and it was their fourth year winning it.

The Saints and Dragons started the tournament on Friday morning, playing to a 0-0 score. A stalemate like that is representative of how well-matched the two teams are.

“Dalbrae is a tough team,” Morgan said. “They are super fast, and the girls knew that going into it. Our girls knew what their caliber was, and they did what they needed to do.”

In the championship, Faith Morgan, Jazz Meagher, and Ashley Boucher handled the Saints’ scoring, and Emma Foster was very solid as a keeper. She had a fantastic weekend, allowing only two goals in five games.

SAERC was nursing some injuries during the tournament, the coach said, so winning the championship was something of a gut-check for the green and white.

Making this champions extra special, the coach said, was that this year’s crop of Grade 12s had a special connection to the girl for whom the event is named.

“This was the last group of girls to come through who played with Brianna,” Morgan said.

Lundrigan lost her life as a result of a car accident on August 20, 2013. She was 17-years old and the only daughter of Ben and Karen Lundrigan. Her older brothers were Brent and Scott.

Brianna was well known as a standout athlete both on the pitch and in terms of track and field, and she was also a very hard working young lady as any customers of the Port Hawkesbury Subway can attest. Her teachers all agree she was an excellent student.

Coach Morgan said she and the soccer team are looking forward to keeping the memorial tournament going as a testament to the former Saint.