Brian Doyle (left) and Scott Macmillan’s new show “Scott and Brian’s Christmas Guitar Frenzy” will take place on December 14 at Strathspey Place.

MABOU: Two Cape Breton musical favourites are teaming up to blend their versatile guitar skills with a bit of holiday cheer.

Scott Macmillan and Brian Doyle will bring their new show, “Scott and Brian’s Christmas Guitar Frenzy” to the Strathspey Place on December 14.

“We’re in for a good time. It’s going to be entertaining,” said Macmillan. “It’s just the two guitars, both acoustic and electric, and we’re going to do some Christmas tunes as well.”

Macmillan says variety is a key feature of the duo’s performances. The show will feature a blend of genres including blues, jazz, rock, and Celtic music.

“It’s different every time because we improvise quite a bit,” said Macmillan. “We’ve got lots of chops and we’re fast and furious and going at it, but it’s fun too.”

The two guitarists have been touring and recording together for decades. They first came together when Doyle appeared on Macmillan’s 1996 recording, The Minnie Sessions. In 2007, the duo collaborated on their album Live Off the Floor, which received two East Coast Music Award nominations.

Brian Doyle told The Reporter the pair is currently working on another album.

“It was always such a riot to see what we were going to come up with because we both had such different backgrounds, but we ended up in the same scenario playing,” said Doyle. “Over the years, we played so much together that we have a pretty vast repertoire to pick from.”

Doyle said says he grew up in a family steeped in the Celtic music tradition. As a teenager, the Margaree native found himself performing rock and blues, but he stayed connected to his Celtic roots as well.

“My background is diverse, and then you mix that with Scott who basically has a jazz background blending into traditional Celtic stuff, and it’s quite a combination really,” said Doyle.

The upcoming Christmas concert will give the audience a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the music. All audience seating will be on the stage, which will be decorated with Christmas lights. Doyle and Macmillan have performed in the Strathspey Place’s “Stage Venue” before and enjoyed having the chance to connect more closely with the audience.

“It’s just a marvelous, intimate performance setting, so I’m really, really looking forward to that,” said Doyle, adding that the unique setting and spontaneous musical style of the show will make it a Christmas highlight for the audience.

“Don’t miss it. It’s high energy fun, there’s no question about it.”

For tickets call the box office at 902-945-5300 or visit: