MULGRAVE: Council is still looking for a new home.

Mulgrave interim CAO Kevin Matheson said the search for a new town office location is “slightly in limbo.”

In August, council members heard a report from Strait Engineering stating the town’s current office space is nearing the end of its shelf life because of some rotted structural steel underneath the building.

Matheson has since investigated three properties which could serve as new potential sites for town offices.

“I reported back to council and they asked me to look at a fourth, which I am working on,” said Matheson.

“The fourth building is one we own. One of the councillors was objecting that we may have to pay rent somewhere and wanted me to look at the fourth building.”

Matheson said the matter will likely come back to the town’s Committee-of-the-Whole on September 18.

The three properties he looked at included the regional library headquarters in Mulgrave, where the town already rents some space for the Eastern counties regional library branch and the town’s recreation director is also there. The other two are the closed section of Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre and at the Strait of Canso Superport Corporation building where the Mulgrave Credit Union used to be located.

He said the fourth possibility he was asked to investigate is the post office building, which the town owns.