Seasonal Services coordinator retiring after 30 years

For the past 30 years, I have served as the coordinator of the Port Hawkesbury Seasonal Services Project, providing Christmas dinners to many families in our town. It has been a very rewarding and fulfilling position and I am proud to have served our people in this way.

Now it is time for me to retire and turn the responsibility over to other capable hands. While I will miss this work, I will also enjoy the rest. I know that those filling my position will continue to provide this excellent service to the town.

To all of the individual donors, church groups, service organizations, choirs, local business, and retail stores, and others who contributed so generously to this cause, a huge thank you to all!

I also extend a special thank you to Joe Praught and Malcolm Kennedy, of the Sobeys store, Bob MacEachern and staff at 101.5 The Hawk, The Reporter, The Oran, the Saturday night volunteer packers over these years, the families, children, and as they grew up, their friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, and the confirmation kids led by the late Billy MacInnis. Thanks also go out to the early Sunday morning volunteer drivers who so generously donate their time, and all helpers who made the distribution of the Christmas dinners possible in the Town of Port Hawkesbury. It will continue. I am proud to have served.

Seasonal Services will continue under the capable hands of Joe, Malcolm and the new team who will be packing, helping out at Sobeys in late night and early hours, and our wonderful drivers.

Merry Christmas to all. Thanks again to all!

Jo-anne Macdonald

Port Hawkesbury