Mary Lou Bedford, with the Seniors Take Action Coalition, appeared before Richmond Municipal Council on February 25.

ARICHAT: Council backed a proposal from a Richmond County seniors group to post a video on the municipal Web site.

During the committee-of-the-whole meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on April 13 in Arichat, Mary Lou Bedford and Cynthia Blackmore, with the Seniors Take Action Coalition, asked for council’s support to post the video which will be produced by the group.

“We thought we’d like to develop one that would show the activities of seniors in the county and how they can contribute and what brought them here,” Bedford told council.

Bedford said they are planning on working with the Dr. W.B. Kingston Memorial Clinic to produce the video which would include pictures and short interviews with local senior citizens, particularly those who’ve moved to the area and others who have started businesses.

As a “living example” of a senior who’s returned, Bedford pointed to her coalition counterpart Blackmore who moved to Richmond County last June.

“I was born in Rocky Bay and I moved back to Rocky Bay,” Blackmore told council. “I wanted to get out of the rat race in the city, Mississauga, so we decided to move back here. Since I’ve been back here, we’ve bought the property across the road from where I was born, we built a new garage, bought a new truck, and we bought all kinds of new equipment. We spent approximately $425,000-$450,000 since we’ve been back.”

Noting that she returned to Isle Madame to put money back into the community, Blackmore told council there are other seniors doing the same thing around the municipality. Blackmore did point out there are unnecessary challenges for those just arriving, despite the fact there is a lot for them in the county.

“When I first moved back here, it was hard to find any information,” Blackmore told council. “I’m the type of person who’ll dig and find… Once I got involved with these groups, you learn. But if you’re not involved with them, you won’t know anything about them. So you need to have more information out there for seniors.”

District 4 councillor Gilbert Boucher called it “a great idea,” and District 2 councillor Alvin Martell agreed, noting there have been many seniors who have moved to Isle Madame.

“I agree with you that seniors have a lot to offer,” Martell responded. “A lot of times the seniors do want to come back here to Isle Madame.”

Noting the differences between Ontario and Richmond County, as far as the lack of water and sewer services in rural communities, Blackmore explained that the region has advantages, like good health care services, lower property taxes ($6,000 in Ontario compared to $1,200 in Richmond County) and excellent veterinary services.

“There’s people coming with money to put into the community and we’ve got to get them in,” Blackmore told council. “They’re mostly retired people and we have a lot to give.”

With a lack of signage around the county, the video will include important information for those just coming to the community, Blackmore said, particularly what’s available. She also noted that the municipality’s newsletter is not available to people outside the province.

Noting that the municipality’s Web site currently has a lot of information, Richmond Warden Brian Marchand asked if the site needs tweaking to be more accessible to seniors.

Bedford said the group is merely asking for council’s support in uploading the video to the municipality’s Web site; a request which received no opposition.