Photo by Grant McDaniel
Chelsie Dakie, who can often be found at East Richmond Education Centre helping instruct music students, was doing her best to have a pitch-perfect performance at the Foodland parking lot.

ST. PETER’S: Locals were able to get a taste of the Christmas season thanks to the good folks at the St. Peter’s Foodland and the voices of youngsters from East Richmond Education Centre and Mi’kmawey School.

On November 28, a student choir consisting of kids from both schools visited the St. Peter’s supermarket. In the parking lot, they gathered under supervision to treat shoppers to a Christmas tune well-known across the Maritimes.

The youths sang “Star of Christmas” which anyone familiar with Sobey’s commercials will know word-for-word.

Photo by Grant McDaniel
Santa (who bears a bit of a resemblance to Gus Sampson) visited the St. Peter’s Foodland on November 28 to help the singers from East Richmond Education Centre, Mi’kmawey School, and the store itself.

“Marty MacDougall volunteered to help us with the videoing of it, and he’s a professional who knows all the ins and outs of it,” said Donnie Mariner, manager of Foodland.

“One of the girls from the school was directing it, Chelsie Dakie.”

Mariner said he and the staff of the local store were very happy to have the Christmas spirit on display in their parking lot.

Photo by Grant McDaniel
The staff at Foodland in St. Peter’s watch through the large front windows as youngsters gather to sing “Star of Christmas.”

The video was entered into Sobey’s Star of Christmas Sing Along contest, and was temporarily posted to The video has a more permanent home on the St. Peter’s Foodland page on Facebook at:

The video took multiple takes to perfect, as passing traffic made for no shortage of background noise. At one point, the alarm at the neighbouring Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation outlet went off, adding an alarming background noise to the tune.

However, the video is now on-line and shows the Christmas spirit on full display.

Photo by Grant McDaniel
Kids from East Richmond Education Centre and Mi’kmawey School visited Foodland in St. Peter’s on November 28 to take part in the Sobeys’ “Star of Christmas” Sing Along contest.