Pictured is the interior of the original St. Hyacinth’s Parish Church in D’Escousse which was destroyed by fire.

February 2, 1916: Leonard Petitpas, son of Edmund Petitpas and Marine Fougere, married Cecile Landry, daughter of Felix Landry and Zelie (Cecile) Poirier, witnesses were Valma Petitpas and Anna Corly or Lorly

February 2, 1916: Ambrose Albert Poirier, son of Joseph Poirier and Marie Anne Josse, married Ina (Ethel Marie) Landry, daughter of Felix Landry and Zelie (Cecile) Poirier, witnesses were Clifford Landry and Florence Landry

May 27, 1916: Thomas H. Doyle, son of Phillip Doyle and Margaret Annie Luce, married Sarah Ellen McGrath, daughter of Thomas McGrath and Amie ‘Annie’ McDonald, witnesses were Lawrence A. Doyle and Anna Latimer

August 10, 1916: Henry Charles Josse, son of Charles Josse and Nancy Petitpas, married Adelaide Petitpas, daughter of Alexis Petitpas and Seraphine Poirier, witnesses were Edward Josse and Cecile Poirier

October, 1916: Thomas Leonard Fougere, son of Thomas Fougere and Arthemise Langlois, married Irene Langlois, daughter of Hilaire Langlois and Adelina Samson, witnesses were Clementus Langlois and Maude A. Langlois

January 22, 1917: Joseph Alexis Fougere, son of Danie (Daniel) Fougere and Philomene Benoit, married Mary Marcellina LeBlanc, daughter of Hilaire LeBlanc and Elizabeth Hebert, witnesses were Eleazer Fougere and Cecile Petitpas

January 23, 1917: Clarence Petitpas, son of Pertus (Peter) Petitpas and Sabina Martell, married Marie Alvina Provost, daughter of Joseph Provost and Delvina Landry, witnesses were Alfred Boudreau and Sadie Provost

No date 1917: Albert Simon LeBlanc, son of Hilaire LeBlanc and Elizabeth Hebert, married A. Maude Samson, daughter of Simon Samson and Virginie Samson, witnesses were Gardiner Samson and Sadie Samson

February 6 ,1917: Isaac Fougere, son of Firmin Fougere and Maria Landry, married Melvina Boudrot, daughter of Judith Boudrot, witnesses were Paul Fougere and Jeanne McPhee

February 18, 1917: Leonard Albert Pertus, son of Alfred Pertus and Susanne Hebert, married Florence Doyle, daughter of Edward Doyle and M. Bridget O’Rourke, witnesses were Richard Doyle and Cecile Pertus

January 30, 1918: Joseph Walter LeBlanc, son of Remi LeBlanc and Mary Beranger, married Margaret Dianna Sampson, daughter of Peter Sampson and Jane Burke, witnesses were H. LeBlanc and Mary Bona

January 24, 1918: Lennox McDonald, son of Patrick McDonald and Seraphine Poirier, married Diana Josse, daughter of Charles Josse and Nanan Petitpas, witnesses were Stanislaus Francois Poirier and Dellia Poirier

January 30, 1918: Paul Fougere, son of Paul Fougere and Maria LeBlanc, married Stella Fougere, daughter of Etienne Fougere and Seraphine LeBlanc, witnesses were Alphonse Fougere and Bella Fougere

January 31, 1918: James Josse, son of Maxime Josse and Henrietta Boudrot, married Beatrice Maria (Beatrice) Boudreau, daughter of Simon Boudreau and Eugenie Boudreau, witnesses were Honore LeBlanc and Eva Boudreau

January 31, 1918: Joseph (Walter) LeBlanc, son of Remi LeBlanc and Mary Beranger, married Marguerite Samson, daughter of Peter Samson and Jeanne Bourque, witnesses were Richard Doyle and Cecile Pertus

Priest officiating all marriages was Fr. W. A. Boucher