Pictured is the interior of the first St. Hyacinth’s Church in D’Escousse.

February 1, 1910, Wallace Fougere, son of Firmin Fougere and Anne Boudreau, married Ella Jeanne LeBlanc, daughter of Capt. Augustin LeBlanc and Gertrude Josse, witnesses were Jacques Josse and Amanda Fougere

February 2, 1910, Henry McDonald, son of Urbain McDonald and Josephine Poirier, married Minnie (Annie Jane) Poirier, daughter of Leon Poirier and Anne Fougere (Samson), witnesses were Simon McDonald and Louise Poirier

February 6, 1910, Paul Fougere, son of Isidore Fougere and Melanie Boudreau, married Nanan McDonald (Anne ‘Nancy’ Petitpas), widow of Charles McDonald, witnesses were Jean Poirier and Camillia J. Boucher

April 8, 1910, Isidore Poirier, widower of Marguerite Poirier, married Louise Duon, witnesses were Mathieu Britten and Sarah Jeanne Poirier

June 28, 1910, Camillia Boucher, daughter of Pascal Boucher and Adele Goyetche, married Francois Anderson of the Parish of Mulgrave, witnesses were Pascal Boucher and Arthur A. LeBlanc

November 1, 1910, Thomas Poirier, widower of Adele Josse, married Anne Landry, daughter of Jeffrey Landry and Catherine Bourque (Burke), witnesses were Catherine Landry and Simon Cordeau

January 16, 1911, Charles Theriault from Arichat, son of Abraham Theriault and Julie Lavache,

married Bertha Poirier, daughter of Isidore Poirier and Marie Barbe Langlois, witnesses were Ambrose Langlois and Hortense Poirier

January 16, 1911, Jean Boudreau, son of Zepherian Boudreau and Obeline (Louise Ludivine) Rancon,

married Lily Fougere, daughter of Jeffery Fougere and Marie Louise Benoit, witnesses were Emile Fougere and Mary Belle Fougere

January 17, 1911, William Henri Poirier, widower of Alvina Poirier (Josse), married Anne McDonald, daughter of Aimee McDonald and Emilie Lavache Gerrior, witnesses were Charles D. Poirier and Lena McDonald

January 23 1911, William Azaire Fougere, widower of Charlotte LeBlanc, married Josephine Landry, daughter of Theophile Landry and Marie Barbe Landry, witnesses were Francis Boudreau and May Landry

January 31, 1911, Joseph Albert Rancon from Arichat, son of the late Francis Rancon and the late Anne Meunier, married Eliza Petitpas, daughter of Pierre Petitpas and Elizabeth Meunier, witnesses were Pierre Rancon and Diana Joyce.

January 31, 1911, Ernest Clory, son of Charles Clory and Elise Forest of Arichat, married Marie Elizabeth Boudreau, daughter of Pierre Boudreau and Anne McPhee, witnesses were Pierre Rancon and Diana Joyce

January 31, 1911, Alfred Amadee Poirier, son of the late Alfred Poirier and Virginie McDonald, married Sabine Rose McDonald, daughter of Urbain McDonald and Josephine Poirier, witnesses were Albert LeJeune and Alma Clory

February 8, 1911, Anseleme Aucoin, of Cheticamp,

married Jean Boudreau, witnesses were Aime Langlois and Dame Freddie Fougere

All marriages were officiated by Fr. W. A. Boucher.