St. Peter’s unveils community Wall of Art

ST. PETER’S: Local artists of all ages in the St. Peter’s area have a new way to display their work to the public.

On June 12, the Village of St. Peter’s hosted an official unveiling celebration for its Wall of Art at the St. Peter’s Village Commission office on Denys Street.

Village clerk Meghan Hayter (left) and administrative support officer Debra Richard welcomed visitors to the St. Peter’s Village Wall of Art on June 12.

“There is a lot of talent around here. We’re always looking for venues for artists to show their work and this wall was a perfect place,” said Deb Richard, the local artist behind the project.

Richard, who works at the village commission office, said the initial Wall of Art was set up approximately three months ago. She posted an announcement on Facebook and sent out invitations to local artists to take part.

“We are in the old medical building in St. Peter’s, and it’s just one long corridor with a very large wall that was very empty. I’m an artist and I just thought it was begging for a wall of art,“ said Richard.

“I have had the full and enthusiastic support and help from my boss, Meghan Hayter, the village commissioners, and my co-workers. It was a wonderful team effort.”

Mack Martell stands next to his octopus creation. Martell attends East Richmond Education Centre and studies art with the help of teacher Donna Lameman.

Participating artists have the option to sell their work, and visitors have purchased a total of 14 pieces since the wall was set up.

“We don’t take any commission or percentages to showcase their work. It’s all about them,” said Richard.

Claire and David Jeffrey visited the St. Peter’s village office last week. Claire is one of the artists with work on display at the office, and her “Red House by the Sea” painting is seen here at her side.

Richard said people coming into the office are stopping to admire the colourful artwork on display, and traffic in the building has increased.

“Some people are just dropping in to see the wall,” she said. “I’m expecting that when tourist season kicks in, we’re going to try to put some signage out by the end of the driveway where our office sign is so people will come in and take a peek.”

Brenda Nordin (left) and Brigitte Dimock enjoyed taking a look at the art on display in St. Peter’s. The women are seen here in the section reserved for young artists, but loads of material done by adults is also on display.

More recently, the project has expanded to include a Junior Wall of Art.

“We have a wall down at the other end which is smaller, and I thought let’s get the kids involved,” said Richard. “I called Donna Lameman, an art teacher at East Richmond Education Centre, and she brought over some art from her Grade 5, 6, 7, and 8 classes.”

Although the children’s names are not displayed with their artwork for privacy reasons, they also have the option of selling their work. Richard said the students have been excited take part.

“You’ve got to love it. It’s beautiful, and the kids are really talented,” said Richard. “The response has been really good.”

Rita Warner is seen here next to her painting “Forest Sunshine.” Warner has several pieces on display at the village office in St. Peter’s.

Richard said she does not display any of her own work on the wall, adding that it’s all about showcasing the other artists in the community.

“We get to enjoy the art, the artists get to display their stuff, and people get to look at it. It’s a win-win-win,” Richard added.

More information can be found on the Village of St. Peter’s Facebook page.

Cecile Samson and her water colour painting of the Nicolas Denys Museum are seen here at the St. Peter’s Village office.