To let you the readers know, this Letter to the Editor that you are reading marks 31 years and my 139th letter to be published in newspapers throughout Nova Scotia.

My letters date back to 1988 and the first Letter to the Editor was published in the newspaper named the Scotia Sun, now closed, and showing in my record book, my last letter published in the Scotia Sun is dated 1994.

Newspaper letters written by me dated 1994-2018 were also published in The Reporter, as well as other local and provincial papers.

Over the 31 years, I’ve had strangers phoning me from Sydney Mines, Sydney, Glace Bay, St. Peter’s, and Arichat, telling me how much they enjoyed reading my letters. The feedback received from the people reading my letters is appreciated and rewarding, thank you.

Even today, some people still come up to me, on the street or in a store, and ask me “did you retire your pen, I miss reading your letters.” My letters are being read throughout Cape Breton Island, across Nova Scotia, and as far away as Winnipeg. Some letter cut-outs from newspapers were done and sent by friends and families, and have reached relatives living in Brampton and Barrie, Ontario.

I do encourage any reader to set their thoughts in motion and carry them out in writing. If you don’t feel comfortable in writing a Letter to the Editor, you could ask a trusted friend or relative to help you but the letter has to be signed by you.

In my 31 years, I was approached on one occasion when an individual asked me to write a letter on their behalf. This letter I did write and placed the person’s words in the their letter, but when I gave this person their letter to read and sign, the person shyly said “no I can’t mail this letter to a newspaper,” and told me to shred the letter that I had spent hours working on.

I didn’t mind; it was like water flowing under a bridge to me, and after all, I was trying to help a friend in need. It was to my benefit as I learned how to write a Letter to the Editor to be published in the newspaper.

Our thoughts can vary in many different topics as I have experienced over time. I will be back soon with my 140th letter for my faithful newspaper publishers and readers.

Thank you to all the newspapers across Nova Scotia for letting me express my thoughts on many different topics over this 31-year period. Thank you, you the readers, individuals, friends, and family members who have read my letters in the past and hopefully the future (eyesight, fingers and good health permitting.)

Clarence Landry